Herkimer Diamond Clear Crystal Quartz Double Point Wand Gemstone Healing Reiki

Herkimer Diamond Clear Crystal Quartz Double Point Wand Gemstone Healing Reiki
Herkimer Diamond Clear Crystal Quartz Double Point Wand Gemstone Healing Reiki
Herkimer Diamond Clear Crystal Quartz Double Point Wand Gemstone Healing Reiki
Herkimer Diamond Clear Crystal Quartz Double Point Wand Gemstone Healing Reiki
Herkimer Diamond Clear Crystal Quartz Double Point Wand Gemstone Healing Reiki
Herkimer Diamond Clear Crystal Quartz Double Point Wand Gemstone Healing Reiki

Herkimer Diamond Clear Crystal Quartz Double Point Wand Gemstone Healing Reiki

Herkimer Diamond Clear Crystal Quartz Double Point Wand. Why Would You Love Our Pointer? Why Would You Use Herkimer Diamond? The Herkimer diamond is also known as the Stone of Attunement because it can help you attune to any situation or environment.

Even if youre in an unfamiliar territory or situation, surrounded by people you dont know and with intentions that are unclear, the energies of the Herkimer diamond will put you at ease and guide you toward the right direction. This crystal can powerfully amplify your spiritual energy.

It will give you what your spirit needs, and it will keep the negative energies away so that you can fully enhance your spirit. It will give you the balance that you need on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level. There will always be a lack in one aspect and an excess in another. The Herkimer diamond will make sure that there is a right balance.

This crystal can also help in releasing the tension in your body. It can give you a sense of peace and serenity in this loud and crazy world.

It will encourage you to do more of the things that make you feel alive, young, light, and free. It will clear the blockages in your aura so that the positive energies will start to flow in. And because it has been such a big part of human history for so long, civilizations across the ages have counted on this crystal to cleanse, to protect and to purify. Taking actions that ultimately prove self-destructive seems to be such a big part of human nature that its impossible to avoid, but Herkimer diamond can imbue you with a little more insight than immediate gratification alone. Youll find yourself questioning certain things in life more and more even those habits that are such a part of you that it seems almost impossible to be without them.

It could be smoking, it could be a little too much fondness for wine, it could even be the way youre eating or trying not to eat as you fall afoul of unfair media expectations on how you should be. Whatever part of you seeks healing the most, this stone will connect to and bring into the light in a compassionate and thorough way. This crystal has powerful metaphysical properties that can help connect astral to the physical plane. It can enhance your clairaudient and clairvoyant abilities, and you will be able to pay attention to and hear what the universe is trying to impart to you.

It will also boost your telepathic abilities and promote better communication with your spirit guides! The Herkimer diamonds energies can be amplified when used together with a smaller or less powerful stone. It will be more potent, and it will benefit you a great deal in body, heart, mind, and soul. How Will Herkimer Diamond Help You? Herkimer Diamond, Healing and Health.

Because of the Herkimer diamonds healing properties, it can be used as pain reliever when placed on the affected part. People who ask what is a Herkimer diamond are just as often seeking knowledge on what it can offer them emotionally and spiritually as it would aesthetically!

Theyre right to ask, too there is a huge wealth of valuable healing energy in Herkimer diamond that makes it especially useful for keeping a cool head when it seems everyone around you is falling into a panic. There is a sense of rational serenity evoked by this crystal that helps you become the voice of reason, however hot and heavy the emotional state of those around you becomes. However, it will also ease the pressure you might be put into when stepping into such a role.

More than this, it will also ease the pressures felt by your physical body when placing yourself under duress of any kind. This pertains not to stress and tension alone, but also physical aches, pains and other maladies that are preventing you from enjoying life to its fullest. The crystals energies will send energetic currents that will circulate on the body and reduce the pain in just a matter of minutes.

It will stimulate the healing process and give your body the light energy needed to combat the illness. It will help you avoid physical exhaustion and burnout.

It can also act as an effective purifier because it will get rid of toxins in the body. The Herkimer diamond can correct RNA or DNA imbalances, as well as cellular disorders. It can increase your metabolic and aid your efforts to lose weight or gain weight.

It can help with eye or vision problems, and its particularly useful in healing or correcting eyesight. This crystal has strong grounding energies that will be helpful for you in restoring your balance when things dont work out like you expect. It will help you bounce back from the fall and come back stronger than ever. It will reshuffle your energies and wipe the slate clean. You can start all over again and no negative energy will linger that will affect the future outcome of your endeavors. When it comes to success, Herkimer diamond will be a big boost to your determination and focus because it will clear any negative energy from your aura. It will also help open your chakras so that the flow of energy will be smooth and natural. Herkimer diamond will always keep you on your toes, and it will boost your creativity and productivity as well. Herkimer Diamond, Love and Relationships.

The Herkimer diamond is also used for emotional healing because it resonates with love, passion, and romance. It celebrates love, and it helps you heal from the emotional trauma. The energies of the Herkimer diamond will help you deal with emotional pains. They bring strong energies and vibrations directly to the heart that will help it heal, grow stronger, and get more resilient.

Having the Herkimer diamond close to you will release any fear that you might have about love. It will make you see all the wonderful things that love can bring into your life, and it will make you become more aware of the things that can happen if it does not lead to a happy ending. It will purify your energy field so that you will be more aware of the possibilities and more open to the love that surrounds you. It will encourage appreciation for all the good things in your life, and even the bad ones. It will remind you that you are already what you are seeking if you will learn to embrace your flaws and be proud of your gifts.

You are already so very blessed, and this life right now is something to be truly grateful for. Its so easy, through no fault of your own or your partners, to take things for granted after a time. As human beings, its very easy to allow familiarity to breed complacency its the strangest quirk of our brain chemistry. Yet Herkimer quartz, when welcomed into your relationship, can use its energies to see all the wonders of what makes you such a good couple in the first place.

It can often feel like reexamining your relationship through fresh eyes. Youll find that the problems that seemed so big to begin with are really nothing but stepping stones in personal growth, both as a couple and as individuals.

Likewise, you will each become slowly less inclined to lean on past behaviors and presumptions, and open your perspectives to new ideas that mean karmic patterns and outdated defense mechanisms can stay in the past where they belong. This stone can also make you more forgiving overall, both of your own flaws and the flaws of your partner. We provide information on stories and legends surrounding the metaphysical and healing properties of this item which allow the informed user to make their own connections with the Spirit of the stones. The metaphysical properties listed are not to be used as a substitute for proper medical attention or advice. The photos are representative of the item you will receive.

Due to the natural variations in gemstones, there may be slight differences from item to item. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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Herkimer Diamond Clear Crystal Quartz Double Point Wand Gemstone Healing Reiki

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